Gordon Chesterman: Printer

Gordon started letterpress printing when he was 14, in the distant days before computers, desk top publishing and laser printers, and hasn’t stopped since.

After studying at the London College of Printing, Gordon worked for the De La Rue, a company printing banknotes for over 80 countries around the world. Although his career with Cambridge University has steadily moved further and further away from print, he still prints as a hobby, enjoying the resurgence of popularity in letterpress print for large posters, invitations, stationery and small hand-bound books. He has three printing presses, far too much type (according to his wife), and the largest press, for printing posters, is a Stephenson Blake proofing press from the 1920s, based in the Little Ouse studios

Email him on Chestermen@me.com to enquire about any bespoke work.

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